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HIIT pegged as best anti-ageing exercise


Exercise could be one of the best means to delay the ageing process infers a new study that has shown that high-intensity interval Training (HIIT) helps combat cellular signs of ageing.

Researchers at Mayo Clinic, Minnesota, interacted with 36 men and 36 women for two different age groups ranging from 18-30 years and 65 to 80 years through a survey. The participants of the survey were divided into three groups: first group did high-intensity interval training, second group did weight training and the third group did a combination of these two for a defined 12 weeks.

HIIT programme involves cycling for three days a week with the addition of high-intensity sets of pedaling of less intensive periods and also two days of treadmill workout.

Muscle cell build up, muscle mass and insulin sensitivity was compared among various groups. The results suggested that HIIT beat weight training.

HIIT boosts your cells’ mitochondrial activity – the chemical reactions fuel cell growth and release energy. Mitochondria in the cell, acts as a energy house because it converts glucose into energy for our bodies. As we age the process begins to slow down leading to cell damage and dysfunction.

HIIT has shown to reverse this slow down of mitochondrial activity it in a few cases. Cells of older participants started generating energy at a higher rate as compared to the younger volunteers. While we are aware of the fact that exercise is healthy, scientists are still figuring out the changes that occur at the molecular level. At molecular level, HIIT has recorded a surge of 49 per cent in younger group and 69 per cent advent in older age group.

This research helps us understand better the limiting disabilities and diseases that people catch as they get older. Researchers believes that no medicine can bring out such results so these findings are significant enough considering the amount of samples they worked with for the survey.