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HBO: ‘Game Of Thrones’ Season 7 set to premiere on July 16 [watch trailer]


Winter is coming! HBO just confirmed that ‘Game of Thrones’ is back with season 7 airing from 16 July, 2017.

HBO decided to declare this utmost delicate piece of information via a Facebook live rather than simply announcing the date. The live video showed a huge block of ice that is melting in response to the fire blazing at it. People watching it were supposed to comment the word FIRE and in correspondence to that the fire on the screen would spread and eventually declaring the date. Unfortunately it did not go down as expected!

Before they could see the date, the video abruptly ended. After a while, to the relief of people, the new teaser trailer for the seventh series released. After a few shots of fierce dragons, rutting stags and clawing bears, everything on the screen shatters into a million pieces revealing the premiere date. Check out the trailer below:

The dramatics don’t end here. It has just begun!

HBO promises something beyond imagination at the premiere too after all, it is Game of Thrones. This season will have only seven episodes.

Kit Harrington (Jon Snow) said, “The makers have spent a huge amount of money on less episodes because it is going to be on a much larger scale. We are trying new things, experimenting new camera techniques. We are attempting to break boundaries and push past them in these final two seasons. You have to live up to the hype that has surrounded the show and the worst thing would be to end without pushing hard and trying new things. Even if it turns out to be a failure, at least we will go out with a bang! ”

The sixth season closed with Daenerys sailing to the Seven Kingdoms, Snow dubbed King of North, Cersai seizing the Iron Throne and the Night King assembling forces. The seventh season is scheduled later than the previous seasons but makers have promised a brutal, bloody and a wintry return.