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Yellow fever outbreak in Brazil sparks concern among US health officials


Recent outbreak of yellow fever in few rural areas of Brazil has become a cause for concern among US health officials. US’ concern is justifiable after an essay published in New England Journal of Magazine outlines the possibility of the virus crossing the border.

Since the recent Zika virus’ widespread outbreak in 60 countries including the United States, any news of a viral outbreak raises concern among nation. Because of the rise in inter-national travel in today’s era, the transmission of such viral diseases can be spread rapidly to any part of the world which signifies the role of public health awareness and preparedness for such deceases.

The latest yellow fever outbreak is said to have begun since the month of December in 2016. Yellow fever is caused by bite of an infectious mosquito, especially the Aedes Aegypti mosquitoes which are also responsible for causing Zika. However, the Aedes Aegypti type has no role in the recent outbreak.

The common symptoms found in this disease are fever, headache, nausea, vomit, fatigue and jaundice – which is why the nomenclature is so. Since yellow fever has had a very rare and obscure existence in US, the doctors are suggested in the report by the experts to stay alert.

Fortunately, the vaccination for this type of disease is very effective and gives full immunity to the vaccinated. Brazil has been quick enough to respond the epidemic and has already provided vaccine doses to 12.5 million people. Along with the immunization process, the government is also working on mosquito control measures.

The essay suggest that in today’s health scenario across the world, along with health awareness, medical preparedness is equally important.