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World’s heaviest woman undergoes successful bariatric surgery; sheds 100kgs


Eman Ahmed Abd El Aty, an Egyptian woman who is the world’s heaviest person, has underwent a successful weight-reduction surgery in India and is currently on course towards losing tens of kilos over the next few days.

The Egyptian is suffering from excessive obesity since more than two decades and weighed around 500 kgs (1100 pounds) before undergoing surgery at the Mumbai’s Saifee hospital. Since February Eman has lost 220 pounds (100 kgs) weight successfully and doctors are optimistic that she will lose more weight over the course of her treatment. According to the doctors at Saifee, Eman is very delighted with this substantial weight loss she and she is feeling much relief than earlier with the transformation in her body.

The excessive weight that Eman has gained over the period of two decades, has caused her to suffer many physical stresses confining her to a room which she hardly left. Because of her excessive weight, he suffered a stroke and faced a series of other serious ailments owing to her weight including diabetes, high blood pressure, hypertension and sleep deprivation.

The doctors have been able to operate Eman smoothly since all her body parameters are cooperating well. This surgery named “laproscopic sleeve gastrectomy” has worked well on Eman and she is now on liquid intake after the completion of its first phase. The next phase, which includes removal of additional 70-80 kg will begin after a two months break after which Eman will leave for Egypt. The treatment doesn’t end here and its next phase will begin the next year for further weight reduction.

Eman’s hasn’t been an easy one. As a child she was diagnosed with elephantiasis, a condition that causes the limbs and other body parts to swell, leaving her almost immobile.

Eman’s sister approached doctors in India in October 2016 stating that Abd El Aty needed urgent medical attention. Eman’s initial request for an Indian visa was denied, but a plea through Twitter led to involvement of India’s foreign minister, who intervened, and eventually she was granted the visa. But the problems didn’t end there as no no airlines were willing to fly her due to her health complications. She was flown to India on a modified Airbus on Saturday 11 February for treatment. Lakdawala’s team put her on a special liquid diet when she arrived in India to get her weight down to a low enough level for them to be able to operate.