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NASA proposes artificial magnetic field to make Mars habitable for humans


Mars is an inhospitable planet thanks to the solar winds that blew away almost all of its thick atmosphere, but NASA has plans to change that.

The US space agency has proposed an innovative solution that will enable us to build atmosphere on Mars gradually. The proposal involves an artificial magnetic field – ‘magnetosphere’ – that will be deployed in space. This dipole shield will be able to withstand solar wind thereby reducing the harmful effects the winds have on Mars thereby enabling conditions to prevail on the Red Planet that will facilitate thickening of the Martian atmosphere.

The idea of terraforming mars will require protecting the planet and its inhabitants from cosmic radiation, solar radiation, solar winds, increased planet pressure and add an abundance of oxygen and nitrogen to the atmosphere. All of this put together will ensure life sustenance on Mars. Theoretically the project isn’t an ‘impossible’ one, but from the practical perspective it does pose major obstacles.

There have been many proposals pertaining to terraforming, but solar radiation coupled with minimalist atmosphere and the dry terrain makes almost all proposals near impossible to implement. One speculation was to dismantle the Martian crust to release enough carbon dioxide to build the atmosphere. This option didn’t seem feasible so engineers sketched a shell that could be placed around a small planet that is capable enough to withstand radiations and assist the atmosphere also.

NASA continues to work on innovative ways to terraform Mars successfully. In reference to the recent science consensus, Mars lost its inbuilt atmosphere to solar winds along with the disappearing of Mars’ magnetic field. NASA has proposed a strategy that looks promising. Developing an artificial magnetic shield for Mars seemed more credible. NASA scientists believe that this magnetic shield can be artificially restored while protecting the planet accompanied by a supporting atmosphere.