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Jeff Bezos plans Amazon-like-shipping service for the Moon


Amazon founder Jeff Bezos believes there is scope of Amazon-like-shipping service on the Moon once Earth’s natural satellite has been inhabited.

To the end Bezos has revealed his plans of starting such a service for the future human presence on Moon using Blue Origin, Bezos’ private space-crafts’ manufacturer and spaceflight services company. The announcement comes just days after SpaceX revealed that it has been approached by people for private trip to the moon.

Blue Origin says that it doesn’t have on its agenda the idea of sending humans to the moon as of now, but is concentrating on only goods and equipment needed to colonize. The private space company has approached US space agency NASA supporting the agency’s plan to colonize on Mars and its intention to help with seven page documentation. The white paper by Blue Origin seeks incentive from NASA for the commercialization in the space cargo service domain.

The technology used for the space cargo service to Moon will be the same as company’s sub-orbital rocket New Shepard, which was successfully launch last year with a vertical landing. As per the document circulated with NASA, Blue Moon plans to land on moon’s south pole which is sunny. It has been chosen because of continuous sunlight available there, which enables spacecraft’s solar arrays with power.

Initially, the Blue Moon spacecraft would be lifting 10,000 pounds of goods to the lunar surface. Blue Origin claims that company’s first project in this mission can be made in the early 2020. Bezos also highlights that this mission is possible only with the co-operation of NASA. He also states that with their company’s expertise in vertical landing technology which is considered as the fastest path in such a lunar mission, fund assistance from NASA can take this mission to a reality.