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The mix-up at Academy Awards managed!


Academy awards have been placed under massive scrutiny after the unprecedented blunder that took place at the ceremony. The slip up has created history of sorts and people are eagerly waiting to witness the damage control strategies and ascertain its implementation.

We are all aware of the fact that the mix up took place due to the wrong placard that was handed over to the presenters. The presenters (Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway) did take a considerable pause before Faye Dunaway felt compelled to announce ‘La la land’ as the winner instead of the rightful victor ‘Moonlight’. The entire team of ‘la la land’ had walked up to the stage and delivered their acceptance speeches before the gaffe was brought to notice. The delay in bringing this to notice and working towards the solution was extensively prolonged.

After fathoming all possible conditions, the Academy President, Cheryl Boones Isaacs, came to the decision of letting go of PwC, one of the best accounting firms, permanently. PwC has been associated to the Academy since 1934. They profusely apologized for the inaccuracy and have taken full responsibility of the same. Brian Cullinan, managing partner of PwC and the man in charge of the Oscar envelopes, will never be associated to the Academy but will still remain partners at the firm.

Cheryl has written a letter to the fellow Academy members about the unfortunate incident and praised those who were caught amidst it and dealt with it gracefully. She wrote, “We are all proud of the spirit and enthusiasm of all the presenters including Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway, and filmmakers, especially those of Moonlight and La la land. The grace and humility they demonstrated onstage, with the world watching, shows the strength of the bond that connects all the artists in our community.”

The actions taken by the Academy are quite unsurprising. They have also issued a statement regarding the embarrassing error and how deeply they regret the incident. The Academy is still investigating further to understand how this could happen at all. They have appreciated the finesse that the nominees, the Academy and Jimmy Kimmel (host for the ceremony) carried to handle the mishap.