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Subway on a defense: Says its chicken really is chicken!


Subway has been accused of not having enough chicken meat in their chicken after a DNA test was carried out by ‘Marketplace’, Canadian broadcasting Corp, to analyse whether chicken meat and strips used by various food chains was actually meat or something else.

On receiving such a report, Subway hired two independent analytical laboratories to test their chicken sandwiches. Their findings show consistent low level soy protein that they add to keep the chicken moist and flavourful. It does uses soy as an ingredient to the marinade and seasoning of the chicken. Subway says their products underwent different tests. One test was to prove if there is presence or absence of chicken protein and the other test was to measure the amount of soy.

DNA analysis are useful for identifying outright food fraud. It can also be used to determine or detect traces of biologically contaminants. According to Subway, their chicken includes the following ingredients – Boneless skinless chicken breast with rib meat, water, contains 2 percent or less soy protein concentrate, modified potato starch, sodium phosphate, potassium chloride, salt, maltodextrin, yeast extracts, flavours, natural flavours, dextrose, caramelized sugar, paprika, vinegar solids, paprika extracts and chicken broth.

They have characterized the CBC report as misleading and stunningly flawed and have demanded a retraction. ‘Marketplace’ continues to stand by their report, which concludes that Subway has a higher plant DNA percentages than other samples from places like McDonalds and Tim Hortons. CBC has said that the test doesn’t reveal the exact amount of chicken in a product but is a good indicator of its proportion of animal DNA. The CBC and Natural resources DNA Profiling & Forensic Center, who conducted the original chicken analysis have not responded to Subway’s study yet.

Suzanne Greco, Subway president and chief executive issued a statement saying the allegation made against Subway regarding their chicken that there is only 50 per cent chicken is 100 per cent false and such imprecise report is leading to immense disservice to their customers.