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MacBook Pro 2017 said to be powered by Kaby Lake processors


MacBook Pro 2017 specifications have been allegedly revealed by Apple itself and it turns out that the upcoming MacBook Pro will likely be powered by Intel’s seventh generation processors.

According to reports in the media, Apple leaked the hardware specifications through its MacOS 10.12.4 public beta. The OS further hints at products that haven’t been released yet indicating that Apple could be having a new range of devices up its sleeves and could reveal them this year.

According to Forbes report, Apple is working on its MacOS to accommodate the MacBook Pro’s update to Intel’s seventh generation chipset “Kaby Lake.” Intel has already started manufacturing these chips in large numbers and there is a strong possibility that Microsoft too is going to use these processors for its Surface Pro 5.

Because MacBook Pro 2016 was released at a time when Intel was still working on Kaby Lake, Apple was forced to use Intel’s sixth generation chipset. However, with Intel now already mass producing Kaby Lake processors, MacBook Pro 2017 is expected to use them. For those who already own a MacBook Pro 2016, they wouldn’t really find a whole lot of difference in the MacBook Pro 2017 performance as Kaby Lake is only a minor upgrade of Sky lake.

Beyond the slight performance improvement, we expect MacBook Pro 2017 to feature improved internal graphics as well as longer battery life and support for 4K displays. Overall, MacBook Pro lineup of Skylake processor will now be replaced Kaby Lake. The i5 6360U will be replaced by i5 7260U, the i5 6267U by the i5 7267U, the i7 6700HQ by the i7 7700HQ, and so on. You can check the complete details at Pike’s Universum.

We expect MacBook Pro 2017 to be released later this year – sometime around Apple’s Worldwide Developer Conference.