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Extreme weather events will likely worsen says climate change report by Climate Council


A new report by Climate Council has suggested that extreme weather events will likely worsen across Australia as the climate warms further.

The report ‘Cranking Up The Intensity: Climate Change and Extreme Weather Events’ was published recently where it was found that climate change now influences all extreme weather events that we see on Earth with some of the most severe climate impacts the world has experienced occurring in 2016. Climate Council notes in its reports that there are more and more evidence that links climate change to storms and heavy rainfall.

“It’s no longer a question of if climate change is influencing an extreme weather event but to what extent,” climate scientist Professor Will Steffen said. “All extreme weather events are now occurring in an atmosphere that is hotter and wetter than it was sixty years ago. There is more energy in the system to drive more extreme weather.”

The report found that in the year 2016, quite a few records regarding global temperatures were broken with eight 1-in-500 year storms in the US, record flooding events in China and Europe and the hottest year on record globally for the third year in a row. It was in September 2016 when South Australia experienced a 1-in-50 year supercharged storm event.

Australia will be witnessing extreme heat over the course of next few years with significant increases in the length, intensity and frequency of heatwaves in many regions. Southern and eastern Australia are projected to experience harsher fire weather.

The time spent in drought is projected to increase across Australia, especially in southern Australia. Extreme drought is expected to increase in both frequency and duration. The intensity of extreme rainfall events is projected to increase across most of Australia.