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Apple inching ahead with its ‘flawless’ Campus 2


Perfection has been the primary objective for Apple when it sets out to do anything and that’s the case even with the massive Apple Campus 2 that the company has been building for quite a few years now.

Initial plans that Steve Jobs inked dictated 2015 as the move-in year, but that didn’t happen and with the project timeline extending along with expense list, one thing comes to mind is why the delay? The Apple Campus 2 is considered to be the last work of Jobs and once complete it will be a fitting tribute considering that sources indicate that the futuristic campus is being built with astonishing attention to detail – right from the arrangement of electrical wiring, to the locker rooms; from the working area to the hidden pipes, no aspect of the 2.8 million-square-foot main building has been too small to attract scrutiny.

Many would question why is Apple focusing so much on detail of the building? One of the obvious reasons is the price tag that it comes with. While official numbers haven’t been disclosed yet, Apple is likely to field a bill of about $5 billion according to one estimate and an amount that CEO Tim Cook did not dispute in a 2015 TV interview. Beyond the pricing it will be serving as the symbol of a global company and leaving out even a tiny detail may act as a thorn in the otherwise beautiful flower.

Apple Campus 2

One of the most striking bit about the overall building process is that Apple managers’ have been very much involved in the overall project and have been insisting on treating the construction of the vast complex with the same precision and attention to detail as they would approach the design of pocket-sized electronics.

Considering the campus is mostly about glass, Apple’s in-house construction team has enforced quite a few rules about how the vents and pipes should not be positioned and what will be the woodwork like among other things.

Those involved with the project earlier have spoken to a certain extent revealing that the strict rules enforced by Apple design team have been clashing with construction realities and that’s why there have been many delays.

Multiple companies have been working on the Apple Campus 2 since it started and many of them have left as well. While reasons haven’t been divulged, we take it that the sheer size of the project not only took a toll on the construction workers, but the companies as well. Skanska USA and DPR Construction were the original general contractors of the project, but they left with reasons unknown.

Reports citing people involved with project indicate that Apple managers have been spending months to perfect minutest details and this had a cascading effect pushing the project towards greater delay.