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Thousands of 2016-2017 Toyota Tundras recalled in Canada


Thousands of Toyota Tundras have been recalled in North America after it was found that part of rear bumpers in these vehicles are at risk of breaking away.

According to Toyota, these 2016-2017 Tundras are equipped with rear step bumpers made of resin, with resin reinforcement brackets at the corners. Toyota noticed that if the corner of the bumper was hit, the resin bracket may become damaged but the damage may not be noticed. Subsequently if a person then stepped on the damaged corner, it could break, increasing the risk of injury.

Toyota has said that its dealers will replace the resin reinforcement brackets with new ones that are made of steel at no cost to customers. In addition, the rear bumper tread covers will also be replaced.

As many as 73,000 Toyota Tundra trucks are affected by the recall out of which about 6,157 Toyota Tundras are in Canada.