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China to build world’s brightest light source facility – Beijing Light Source


Scientists in China have revealed that the country will be building world’s brightest light source facility to be called Beijing Light Source.

The facility will effectively be a next-generation synchrotron radiation facility and will cost as whopping 4.8 billion yuan ($698.4 million). The construction of the facility is expected to commence in November 2018 and will be completed over the course of six year.

Scientists at the National Academy of Science, China, revealed that the facility will meet the national security demands and create aerospace materials among other products. It will provide high-resolution method to know substantial structures better. The facility will be a fourth generation light source, and its key performance indicators would be higher than the third-generation ones.

It will create the brightest X-rays in the worldwide, 70 times brighter than the U.S. National Synchrotron Light Source II (NSLS-II) and 10 times brighter than Sweden’s MAX IV, the strongest of its kind in the world so far.

Bright X-rays could help measure the atomic structure of various substances, and the higher brightness will help people to see more details of substances, something akin to using flashlight to see things, Dong said.

Currently, China has the light sources from first generation to third generation, such as the first-generation facility BSRF in Beijing, the second-generation facility NHLS in Hefei, Anhui province, and the third-generation SSRF in Shanghai.

Around the world, there are more than 50 such facilities providing support in many research fields. The light source plays an important role in the medical field, helping researchers know mechanisms of tumors and cerebrovascular diseases.