YouTube released a new in-app messaging feature in a bid to make sharing of videos more social and instead of rolling out the feature globally, it was only made available to Canadians using iPhones and Android smartphones.

The new feature was made available on Wednesday and details about the new in-app messaging feature was revealed by Google product manager Shimrit Ben Yair while speaking with Canada’s Financial Post. After the update, Users will be able to directly send videos to others using a new button right from the YouTube app.

Users will also be able to create group conversations – a feature that is found in other messaging apps – allowing a number of users to discussion or interact with each other. YouTube says that the idea of bringing in this new feature is to keep the sharing experience within YouTube instead of switching between other applications, which the company hopes will create a less cumbersome experience.

Though the feature is for YouTube, there isn’t anything unique about it. It is a messaging app just like the loads of messaging apps out there with ability to send messages as well as share links of content users find interesting on YouTube or elsewhere.

One of the questions that many would ask is why launch the feature in Canada only. It turns out that Canadians are sharing 15 per cent more videos than the average user and this effectively means that Canada could act as a great test bed for this feature.

While it was revealed that the feature is being rolled out to users across Canada, YouTube hasn’t revealed when the feature will be available to users in other countries or regions.

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