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Surface Pro 5 launch date could be near, various indirect hints indicate


Surface Pro 5 launch speculations are at an all time high and that’s understandable considering there are so many hints that indirectly point to a early 2017 launch.

While a direct confirmation about the launch date or even the Surface Pro 5 itself is missing, it’s unlikely that Microsoft will not launch a Surface Pro 4 successor because it will not want to abandon a revenue stream that has picked up since Surface Pro 3 and has accelerated with Surface Pro 4. As product timelines go, it has become a trend to launch a new version with improved features on an annual basis and with that in mind, Surface Pro 5 is long due.

One of the best hints for an impending release is the constant discount that Microsoft itself is offering on Surface Pro 4. Before releasing a new version of the Surface Pro, it makes sense to get rid of all the existing stock of the outgoing Surface Pro 4 and hiding behind the Christmas and New Year sales windows, Microsoft has done exceptionally well in offering Surface Pro 4 at a discounted price and emptying out its inventory.

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Surface Pro 4 discounts on Amazon have been going on for over 2 months now and this is an indication that Microsoft is extending much greater discounts to its resellers and that’s why these resellers are able to clear out their own inventories as well and passing off the savings to customers. [Up to 20 per cent off on Surface Pro 4 on Amazon.com]

Another possible clue is the impending major update to Windows 10 that will likely be launched during Microsoft Build 2017 scheduled for May 2017. We believe Microsoft will most likely announce Surface Pro 5 at the event and load it with the latest version of Windows 10 out of the box when it goes on sale later in the year.

A recent report pegged an early 2017 launch for Surface Pro 5 and even claimed to have knowledge about some of the specifications of the new Surface Pro. The report from Digitimes went onto claim that the Surface Pro 5 will launch in March and that Microsoft has already finalised one manufacturer and could be in the process of finalising another to meet with global demands.

Whatever may be the case, we believe that time is right for Microsoft to cash-in on the success of Surface Pro 4 and the disappointment of customers in MacBook Pro range of laptops from Apple and release Surface Pro 5 while customers are still crazy about the two-in-one.