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Samsung to reveal Galaxy Note 7 probe results soon


Samsung will be revealing the results of its probe into the exploding Galaxy Note 7 smartphones, a report in the JoongAng Ilbo newspaper notes.

Samsung has already confirmed that it is carrying out an investigation into what caused the explosions in Galaxy Note 7 smartphone and back in October last year it said that there may be a combination of factors that contributed to one of the costliest product safety failures in tech history. The Note 7 maker took a massive hit to the tune of $5.1 billion owing to a global recall of the ailing Galaxy Note 7 smartphone and eventually a halt in manufacture and sales of the smartphone.

Investors and analysts have said it is critical for Samsung to identify the root cause of the fires in order to rebuild consumer trust and avoid repeating the same mistakes. A Samsung Electronics spokesman declined to comment.

Samsung’s chief executive Kwon Oh-hyun has said that the company should make no compromises on the quality of its products. He was asking employees to improve manufacturing processes and safety inspections in a New Year’s speech to Samsung employees disclosed by the firm. The CEO also warned of growing political and economic uncertainties from risks such as trade protectionism and foreign exchange rates.

It was revealed in December that Samsung had finished investigating what caused problems with the Galaxy Note 7. Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 kept overheating and exploded in some cases, which eventually resulted in the product being pulled off the shelf.

Samsung has said it has collected 90 per cent of the devices in the US, and will be issuing an update to the remaining users. This will brick the phone, and won’t allow the device to be charged. So far, there’s no official word from Samsung on when it will reveal the exact cause of the problems with Note 7.