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Blood donations impacted by severe winter in Canada


Multiple blasts of winter weather in December in Canada has caused problems for Canadian Blood Services as the severe weather conditions has impacted blood donations across the country.

According to Canadian Blood Services, they had to cancel a number of clinics and has also seen a decline in the number of donors able to attend clinics. Attendance has been down in British Columbia all the way across country to Newfoundland. The impact so far has been the loss of close to 2,000 donations in the last few days alone, with more bad weather to come. Added to this, there are 26,000 appointments still available to fill in December across Canada.

Canadian Blood Services is urging donors and potential donors across Canada about the importance of booking an appointment to give blood right away. As there could be challenges for existing donors due to poor weather Canadian Blood Services is asking new donors to make and keep their appointments.

“We encourage donors to book and keep their appointments if they can safely get to a clinic. Patients are depending on donors to fill open appointments now and throughout the rest of December,” says Mark Donnison, vice president of donor relations.

There is an even greater need for new donors this season because of new iron eligibility guidelines introduced recently to promote the health and wellness of blood donors. As a result of the changes, some donors won’t be able to donate as frequently and more donors are needed to fill the gap.