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Surface Pro 4 discounted by £321 as part of boxing day sales


A massive discount of £321 is being offered on the top end Surface Pro 4 variant on Amazon UK – meaning an impressive 15 per cent price cut on the retail price.

The Surface Pro 4 that has received this huge price cut is the one powered by Intel Core i7 processor, having 16 GB RAM and 1 TB internal storage. This version of Surface Pro 4 packs an Intel Iris Graphics Card and is the flagship version of the Surface Pro 4 tablets. If you are really looking to buy this one, we would recommend that you make up your mind soon as only 3 units of this particular variant are available at this discounted price.

Surface Pro 4 has been a huge success for Microsoft and the best seller in the entire Surface Pro lineup. Recently Microsoft announced that it had a bumper holiday sales for the tablet with November being the best month ever for consumer sales.

In a blog post Microsoft’s Brian Hall revealed that more and more users are switching from MacBook Pro to Surface devices mainly because users – especially professionals – are disappointed by the MacBook Pro. Microsoft claims that their MacBook trade-in program saw the highest numbers ever. Hall said that because of the ‘disappointment of the MacBook Pro’, many users are switching to Microsoft Surface laptops.

Hall goes on to claim in the blog that there have been multiple reviews wherein authors and device testers have recommended Surface laptops – including Surface Pro 4 – over MacBook laptops. These reviews and the jump in sales numbers has made the Surface team proud and proves that the team at Microsoft is doing their job, Hall claims.

While Surface Pro 5 is being rumoured for quite some time now, there has been no official confirmation from Microsoft that it is working on one and if you are waiting for the new two-in-one from Microsoft to arrive anytime soon, your wait could be much longer than anticipated – at least 6 months. So, why not get a Surface Pro 4 instead at a discounted price. Other Surface Pro 4 variants have also received similar discounts ranging from 7 to 15 per cent as part of Boxing Day sales. You can find the entire listing of discounted Surface Pro 4 here.

If you are reading this from the US, you can click on this link to find discounted prices of Surface Pro 4.