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[Video] Hollywood-inspired real-world mech ‘Method-1’ being developed


A Hollywood-inspired real-world mech dubbed ‘Method-1’ is being developed in Korea and working on the project is none other than Vitaly Bulgarov, who is known for his fantastic concept designs and artistic innovations.

Bulgarov has teamed up with a South Korean company called Korea Future Technology to design, build and even demo a real-life Mech named Method-1. What was only limited to comic books and Hollywood movies has now transcended the realm of the virtual and into the physical world. The team isn’t working on the mech to cater to real-world problems as of now.

The idea is much more simple. To design, build and test a mech such that its capabilities can be explored and then determine whether it offers a solution to any known problems that we humans haven’t been able to solve or have solved inefficiently. The team want to see how these giant robots can fit in our world and how they can help out in our problems.

The company is effectively doing a study of the suitability of these robots and how different parts of these robots can help us solve issues that we aren’t able to on our own.

Consider the scenario where the robot as a whole is too bulky for a real-world problem, but the arms turn out to be dexterous enough to be used in a factory where the humans can’t directly reach. In that case the upper half of the robot or a modification there off can be used and implemented.

Consider the case of humans required to reach places that they generally can’t. If the legs of the robot are useful enough and controlling them is simple then the lower half can be used in some real-world scenarios.

Imagination is the limit says the developers of these robots and while they are still working on the designs and working towards making Method-1 more useful, they have shown a glimpse of what the robot is capable to do through small video – check it out below: