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Spoon on Mars is likely a ventifact


Strange sightings and anomalies on Mars aren’t a new thing as more and more UFO hunters and self-proclaimed alien experts have now started taking ‘deeper’ look at images sent across by Mars rovers including Curiosity and the recent sighing of a ‘spoon’ is no different.

Earlier today we covered a story about an alleged spoon on Mars and while it was covered by us in the form of a mid-week fun coverage, there are those who end up believing in such things through reports that have no scientific basis whatsoever. Reports of these kind emerge in the form of videos created by those who believe that the US Government and NASA are hiding something from us.

Spoon on Mars

UFO Hunter, a YouTuber, claimed they spotted something ‘amazing’ in one of the photos taken by Mars rover Curiosity – a ‘giant spoon’ that could have been left over by an ‘intelligent’ civilisation that is now lost. Alien and UFO enthusiast Scott Waring added that it is the second spoon that has been found on Mars with the latest spoon being exact copy of the first one. Further he goes onto add that there is something else that he has discovered in the photo. If you look at the top left corner, lying on a rock is another ‘eating utensil’.

If we go down the memory lane, the first spoon [main article image] that Waring is referring to was in September 2015 and the reports of the sighting created so much hype that NASA had to jump in and clarify that no such thing has been spotted on Mars. In a tweet through the official account of Curiosity, NASA said that the spoon was likely a ventifact – a rock shaped by wind. NASA even came up with an explanatory document detailing ventifact [PDF].

“There is no spoon. This weird Mars feature is likely a ventifact—a rock shaped by wind.”, the tweet read.