It’s Christmas come early for video gamers in general and Final Fantasy fans in particular as the latest in the franchise – Final Fantasy XV – is selling for just $34.99 on today.

The price reduction is part of’s Deal of the Day wherein Final Fantasy XV Standard Edition for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One is being sold for just $34.99 after a discount of $25 (42%) on retail price. The game is being sold for a number of different prices at other retailers both online and offline starting $55.00 to $80.00. This effectively makes the deal of the day at to be the lowest price for Final Fantasy XV.

Some of the best things about Final Fantasy XV are its the core characters; exciting combat moves; awesome explorable world against which the entire game is set; and interesting missions and side-quests that will provide you with enough gameplay options to satisfy your Final Fantasy appetite. However, there are a few cons as well which we would like to point out below.

Final Fantasy generally has a great story however in the latest version there seems to be a not so well-told story or at least it’s not the most comprehensible. Another thing that we didn’t like is the combat camera that’s plain and simple bad. The magic system is also comparatively poor and the lack of save points in some dungeons makes it a tad bit undesirable.

Keeping aside the things that we didn’t like, all-in-all Final Fantasy XV is one of the best single-player in the franchise. The combat system is much more action oriented as well as tactical making it all the more interesting. The open-world setup is fun and combine that with characters and the choices, it is a fun game to play. Get your copy of Final Fantasy XV for just $34.99 now.



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