In a rather strange sighting locals at Te Waewae Bay in New Zealand’s South Island have found a massive and bizzare 330ft (100-metre) long object on the beach.

The object is made from plastic and resembles a pipe, but it can’t be said for certain what it is, locals say. Even the authorities in the area have been at the beach to examine the object but they too are baffled. This is the second such strange sighting in the area just days after an “alien-like creature” covered in barnacles and seaweed washed up on the beach.

Environment Southland has taken to Facebook to post pictures of the long pipe-like object asking for help in identifying it and also to locate the owners of the object. In the post, Environment Southland has said: “Any ideas on what this might be? Or who might be missing it? This 100 metre long object washed up on Te Waewae Bay in western Southland this week.”

The post on Facebook further adds that from the looks of it the object is made up of some kind of plastic, is pretty long and heavy and has metal loops in each end.

While there have been no confirmation about what the object is, users on Facebook have put forward their suggestions. There are those who claim that it is a long pipe used to traffic narcotics; others claim it is to do with oil industry; some say it is part of a telecommunications cable that has been castoff by the company that owns the cable or cabling contract.

There are those who have been skeptical about this being a pipe of some sorts because of its end. These ends are essentially closed with metallic loops and hence chances are that the pipe has something to do with the oil industry – either used as an oil rig tether or a barrier to control oil spills. Let us know what you think.

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