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Surface Pro 4 discounts continue! Is Surface Pro 5 anywhere in sight?


Surface Pro 4 discounts reached a peak in October when discounts of up to 20 per cent were being offered on some of the variants and as Christmas approaches the trend seems to continue.

Consider this Surface Pro 4 variant powered by an Intel Core i7e processor paired with 512 GB storage and 16 GB RAM. This particular variant once sold at a hefty $2,199, but gone are those days and with an impressive 19 per cent discount, this Surface Pro 4 is now selling for just $1,788.98. A step below this Surface Pro 4 is the one with 256 GB storage everything else remaining the same and that particular Surface Pro 4 is selling for $1,467.99 after a discount of 18 per cent.

Discounts on current generation devices are generally offered in two cases – either it is a festive season and retailers are in a good mood or the manufacturer is likely to release a new and upgraded version of the same device. We think it is both in case of Surface Pro 4!

Surface Pro 5 rumours have been floating for quite a while – at least for 6-8 months – and with Surface Pro 4 around for over one year, there is a strong possibility that we are about to hear something from Microsoft. We try to co-relate everything we know so far about Surface Pro 5 and Microsoft’s plans for 2017.

If you would remember, earlier this year Microsoft pushed back a major update to Windows 10 to spring 2017. This indicates that there is something big cooking inside Microsoft’s Kitchen and it most probably is a Surface Pro 5 because it will most certainly want to power its new hybrid with brand new Windows 10 features and not the existing OS.

Next up is the processor. Intel just recently announced its Kaby Lake processors and considering that they are a powerhouse, Microsoft would want its Surface Pro 5 to be powered by processors that give others a run for their money.

While the battery life on the Surface Pro 4 is adequate, it wouldn’t harm its successor to boast a battery life that is comparable to if not better than Apple products. Combine Intel’s Kaby Lake processor and Microsoft’s own research in the battery department would put Surface Pro 5 in a much better shape to offer a longer battery life.

We believe Surface Pro 5 is a matter of when and not if and that being said it could take at least 4-5 more months for the new hybrid to surface and until then you can check out the reduced pricing of all Surface Pro 4 variants here.