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Continental opens biometrics floodgates for vehicles at CES 2017


Continental is bringing biometrics based authentication, access and personalisation options through its new fingerprint and facial recognition based solutions.

Continental will be showing off its biometrics based solutions including keyless entry and start system PASE (Passive Start and Entry) and biometric elements 2017 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. According to the technology giant, biometrics have a huge future in automobiles industry and automakers will be able to offer their customers a range of new features that enhance the overall driving experience.

The new solutions from Continental include the biometric element for authentication that will enable auto manufacturers to offer, depending on the system configuration, enhanced security for their vehicles. First is the fingerprint authentication and access which will ensure that a simple keyless entry will not be possible anymore adding a layer of biometric security. Drivers will be required to scan their fingerprint to authenticate to the car. This means that if your car key is stolen you won’t need to worry any more as the key alone will not be enough to start the car.

Personslisation is yet another feature that Continental is bringing to vehicles through its biometric elements. This particular system is connected to an interior camera, which recognizes the driver’s face and automatically personalizes vehicle settings, such as seat and mirror position, music, temperature, and navigation, for the driver in question.

Then there is Continental’s Intelligent Glass which allows drivers to gradually darken almost all windows of the vehicle and lightens them again automatically when the driver approaches. It is possible to integrate the biometric system in all intelligent systems, regardless of the access technology used in the vehicle (Bluetooth Low Energy or low frequency), Continental notes in a press release.