Home Hi-Tech GoPro HERO+ LCD deal at just $149.99 for next few hours

GoPro HERO+ LCD deal at just $149.99 for next few hours


As part of the holiday promotion, Amazon is offering GoPro HERO+ LCD for a whopping 50 per cent discount on retail price and is selling the GoPro HERO+ LCD for just $149.99.

Amazon is definitely in the holiday mood already because it is selling the normally priced $299.99 GoPro HERO+ LCD at a hefty 50 per cent discount and without doubt it is the most lucrative deal for the gadget we have seen so far. The action camera is the best in its genre and if you are into such kind of video recording, it is the gadget you need to buy.

GoPro HERO+ LCD has many positives including its size and weight, and ability to be completely submerged in water. You will easily get mounts on which it can be fit perfectly. The screen is amazing as well. From the durability perspective, it is quite sturdy as there have been instances where we have dropped it from above waist height and still the GoPro HERO+ has survived and is working fine. The Wi-Fi connectivity enables for easy sharing of the recorded videos.

While there are quite a positives, there are a few things that we have found to be below optimal levels. Battery life has been one sticking point. Video compression is also another thing that doesn’t impress us. The need for processing it and then export it from their software to get decent footage is something that consumes time. To prolong the battery life you might plug in an external power supply, but then you will be forced to leave the camera exposed to the weather and leave it unsealed.

All-in-all, the GoPro HERO+ LCD is a definite buy at the current discounted price. You can get the GoPro HERO+ LCD for just $149.99 for next few hours on Amazon.com.