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Mars One delays plans of sending first humans to Mars


In an update on its website, Mars One has revealed that they are delaying their plans of sending the first humans to Mars owing to a new financial strategy as well as to significantly improve the odds of successfully achieving all the objectives that have been etched in their roadmap.

As per the updated roadmap, Mars One’s first mission – an unmanned demonstration mission to the Red Planet – has been pushed back to 2022. Mars One says that they will be using the same platform design as the 2007 NASA Phoenix mission, and plans to work with Lockheed Martin. The next mission – launch of dedicated Mars synchronous Communications satellite – has been pushed back to 2024. Two years after that in 2026, Mars One intends to send its first Rover that will help the project decide where the human settlement will be established.

In 2029 the second rover as well as hardware necessary for establishing the human settlement will be launched. The two rovers will work together to ensure that they get the settlement ready – water production, generation of breathable air among other things – in time for the arrival of the first crew in 2032. The second crew is expected to be launched in 2033 with landing scheduled for 2034.

As far as selection of the crew is concerned, Mars One says that starting 2017 from the remaining 100 astronaut candidates 3-6 groups of 4 crew members will be selected and hired full time to train for the mission. Mars One also intends to open up new rounds of selection process. A year after that and all through to 2031, Mars One expect many candidates to drop out and be replaced by other candidates for a variety of reasons.

In 2031, the Mars One Selection Committee intends to determine the eligible crews to go to Mars. The project wants audience to be part of the selection process and in case finalists are equally qualified, audience will have the decisive vote.

Along with an updated roadmap, Mars One also revealed that they are listing Mars One at the Frankfurt Stock Exchange – a step that it believes will ensure that the missions does’s suffer from cash crunch and that the objectives are achieved and goals met with. Mars One intends to raise up to €10 million in the first round of funding after the listing on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange.