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[Watch] Stunning video of snow tire flying off a SUV on Ontario highway


A stunning video of a snow tire flying off a SUV has emerged on the web with the Ontario Police asking motorists to take the video into consideration and act on it accordingly for their personal safety as well as safety of others.

The car in question from which the snow tire detached is a Ford Explorer and the whole event was captured by through a dashcam on Mini Cooper. According to details available through the local media, the SUV was being driven by the husband of a Brampton woman named Barbara Zuzic.

As seen in the video and as described by the owner of the Minicooper whose dashcam managed to capture the whole thing, the hazard lights of the SUV were on and indicating that the driver was having some issues with the SUV. Either the steering could have been wobbly or the car was being driven with a spare tire.

Whatever may be the case, just a few seconds into the video the front left tire starts wobbling and before you know it, the lug nuts and bolts fly off from the tire and the whole tire comes off and starts bouncing on the road.

As described by the owner of the Mini Cooper they were able to see the sparks flying off and they could hear the grinding. As for the tire, it didn’t create too much of trouble considering it stayed on the same road and didn’t cross over the barrier and onto the incoming traffic.

The OPP is taking this opportunity and asking motorists to be make sure their wheels are properly installed before heading onto the highway. According to Sgt. Kerry Schmidt, spokesperson for the OPP Highway Safety Division, “The guy had just recently had his winter tire changed about two weeks ago at a garage and obviously the front one came off.”

The police is asking everyone to ensure that for whatever reason they had to get their wheels taken off the vehicle, they should ensure that the wheels are properly installed as it is a matter of not only their own safety and those of the passengers, but for the safety of other motorists on the road. Check out the video: