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Blue sphere mystery solved by NASA expert


The blue sphere that was spotted in one of the photos of our Sun is actually not a UFO or an alien ship or a wormhole, but a result of a technical error, a NASA expert has explained.

Internet caught the wind of a ‘blue sphere’ that showed up on a set of images of the Sun taken by NASA’s STEREO satellites and from the looks of it the sphere appears out of no where and then disappears in just a few frames. The image was shared several hundred thousands of time on the social media as well multiple sites that report on strange UFO activities with theories that the sphere was actually something that can’t be explained.

Theories offering possible explanations started to emerge on the social media. Some offered an explanation that it was an optical illusion of some kind, while there was those ‘NASA-is-hiding-something’ group that suggested that it was part of a secret project being led by NASA that was harvesting energy from the Sun. Some theories also pointed out that it was a UFO while there were those who said that it was a wormhole that opened up for a split second allowing aliens to travel through.

But that’s not the case says NASA’s Alex Young. According to Young who is a physicist at NASA’s Goddard Space Centre there is a much simpler explanation behind this, which has been caused by a combination of two images being put together.

According to him the sphere is no mystery, but in fact the result of the combination of 2 NASA STEREO images (1 of sun, 1 of space) caused by computer error. This is something that happens sometimes according to Young.

Young explains that NASA receives data from its satellites in the form of big data streams and as the systems process the data, the images are plucked out as they’re being downloaded from the stream. However, it just so happens that the streams get corrupted and when the computer processes this corrupted stream, the resulting images may contain such sort of anomalies.

There is a coronal hole on the surface of the sun at the moment, but it was not captured in the NASA images. The hole that was facing Earth in October, causing an increase in solar activity, is now back. Watch video below: