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Samsung eyes messaging boost with NewNet Canada acquisition


Samsung haven’t had a successful run as far as instant messaging is concerned and in a bid to strengthen its position in this vertical, the South Korean electronics giant has acquired NewNet Communication Technologies (Canada).

The acquisition of NewNet Canada means that it will garner assets – both infrastructure as well as human – behind the Rich Communications Services (RCS), indicating that Samsung could be after strengthening of its instant messaging platform. Samsung clearly notes in its press release announcing the acquisition that the buyout will enable Samsung to accelerate the deployment of RCS-enabled networks, providing consumers with a ubiquitous standards-based messaging and communications platform. Samsung adds that through the acquisition, it will be able to offer interoperable server solutions for mobile operators that do not already have their own RCS infrastructure.

Samsung has confirmed that it will be retaining the operations in Bedford where currently 20 people are working and will leave the leadership team of CEO Brent Newsome and Chief Technology Officer Gavin Murphy intact.

As far as consumers are concerned, they will be able to benefit from an advanced messaging experience with features such as enhanced calling, group chat, and the ability to easily share and transfer large files including multimedia and high-resolution photos. Samsung points out that unlike other messaging apps in the market, users will be able to communicate on any network, with an RCS-enabled device as well as SMS-only devices.

Experts see the acquisition as the first step towards the next generation of SMS text messaging. If we look at the RCS standard, it brings in quite a few features to SMS that are only found in currently instant messaging services such as WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger. These features include ability to see when someone is typing out a reply. Beyond this users will also be able to see notifications when the recipient has read the text message.