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Alien soldier set to be stalking Mars rover Curiosity


Martians have a secret army that we don’t know about or NASA hasn’t been able to spot or knows about it but is keeping us in the dark – that’s according to a new sighting in one of the images beamed back by Mars rover Curiosity.

YouTuber Paranormal Crucible continues on their quest to bring out the truth by spotting things that NASA is missing out in the images sent across by rover Curiosity. In one such image [original link] the YouTuber claims to have found a something that isn’t natural and looks artificial. The YouTuber believes that it is an ancient statuette and that it resembles an alien grey or possibly an insect type species of alien.

Because we all do not have the eyesight that alien enthusiasts like Paranormal Crucible has been kind enough to process and colorize the object in question so as to reveal all the details. The YouTuber even took the liberty of adding a foot as it was missing in the raw image!

Like always, Scott Waring jumps in and adds his two cents worth to the whole revelation. According to Waring, the structure is “a bipedal species that has on a uniform.” Considering that it has a uniform or a suit of some kind, Waring assumes that the ‘anomaly’ is a Martian soldier carrying a weapon – may be a statue; may be real.

Grizzly on Mars

Just a few days back, Paranormal Crucible claimed they spotted grizzly bear or a slot like creature in one of the images beamed back by NASA’s Curiosity. The strange creature like fossilised rock could be a statue or fossil of a creature and it is visible even without enhancement of the image or without requiring any extra processing. The YouTuber adds that it resembles a bear or sloth-like creature and that it could possibly has a shell that has also fossilised.

Other UFO and alien enthusiasts have joined the bandwagon like always. Some claim that the dark patch is the curly fur coat and that the face area has significantly less hair. One alien enthusiast goes to the extent of claiming that even the teeth are visible and that it is not a statue because all statue-like objects found of Mars have had one color till date and that this particular creature has two or three colors.