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Porsche opens its second U.S. Porsche Experience Center in U.S.


Porsche has opened its second U.S. Porsche Experience Center (PEC) in Los Angeles, California – a state which accounts for 23 per cent of its sales in the country.

Strategically important for Porsche’s growth and enhanced customer service, the second PEC in the U.S. came at a cost of $60 million. PEC LA is located on 405 Freeway in Carson, California and is at a convenient distance from three of the Los Angeles area airports. Porsche says that the PEC is spread over 53-acres and will provide its customers with the best it has at its disposal in terms driver development track as well as recreation options.

The PEC features a driver development track with eight educational modules, a changing race car exhibit, and a fine-dining restaurant. By enrolling in the PEC, guests as well as corporate clients will be able to hone their driving skills on courses built to demonstrate the power, responsiveness and safety of Porsche sports cars, the company says.

Porsche also said that the new center will be company’s new home of Porsche Motorsport North America. First Porsche Experience Center in U.S. was opened in Atlanta in May 2015 at a cost of $100 million and the two experience centers represent Porsche’s largest investments outside Germany to date.

Why California? It turns out that for Porsche, California is one of the largest markets is US so much so that it is the fifth largest market for the company globally in terms of sales volume. Of the 51,756 Porsche vehicles PCNA delivered to customers in the U.S. last year, 12,016 were sold in California.


What does the PEC LA offer? Guests will be able to enjoy instructor-led, 90-minute experiences on the driver development track in Porsche sports cars. The eight training modules include two handling circuits, an ice hill, an off-road course, a dynamics area, a launch control and acceleration straight, as well as a low friction handling circuit, low friction circle, and hydraulic kick-plate.

In addition to driving experiences, guests can reserve meeting space, view historic Porsche race cars or dine at Restaurant 917, aptly named after the iconic race car that gave Porsche its first win at the famed French endurance race, the 24 Hours of Le Mans. The state-of-the-art business center features 6,000 square feet of main event space.

The new complex is also home to Porsche Motorsport North America (PMNA), the only authorized sales, parts, and service provider in the United States and Canada for all purpose-built Porsche race cars such as the 911 GT3 Cup, 911 GT3 R, and the Cayman GT4 Clubsport. PMNA also provides engine and transmission servicing, on-site race support at multiple international racing series, and certain restoration services.

A glass wall inside the atrium of the new Porsche Experience Center provides visitors with a clear view into the Porsche Motorsport North America workshop, where historic race cars are repaired, track vehicles are maintained, and race cars from owners and collectors are exhibited.