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Top 5 best Android apps and games for November 2016 including Black Friday apps


It’s middle of November and we bring to you some of the top 5 best Android apps and games for November 2016 including Black Friday apps. We intend to present these top listing regularly and your feedback will be appreciated.

Considering Black Friday is just round the corner, we decided to start off with our Top Android apps and games listing by listing apps for Black Friday deals. While searching for these apps on Google Play is one way to go, the better option is to find sites that list out these apps for you after doing a bit of research. That’s what we have done here and the gist is the Top 5 best Android apps for November 2016 including Black Friday apps.

Amazon Shopping App
Amazon shopping app will definitely be one of the top 10 best Android apps for November 2016 considering that it is one of the best online destinations for shopping throughout the year as well as during Black Friday and the holiday season. The usability of the app is awesome and owing to the hold Amazon has over online shopping segment, it is one of those few companies that manage to offer exclusive deals that no other online retailer will be able to provide.



TGI Black Friday – 2016

What does this app have to offer that no other shopping app offers? TGI Black Friday 2016 finds a place on our Top 10 best Android apps for November 2016 including Black Friday apps list because it allows you to download the ad scans as PDF’s. This is a huge positive for those who are on a low bandwidth plan or might wander off to places where the internet connection is patchy. You can check out the ads without having an internet connection. You also have the ability to view all of the ads from many major retailers.



Save the Mars

[This listing in not sponsored] This is a nifty little game that has just surface on Google Play and it reminds us of Flappy Birds when it first came out. The graphics are simple yet amazing, gameplay is engaging as well as challenging. [Check out the video below]

We haven’t managed to get past the score of 53 ourselves. We tried the game when it was at its minimal with no boost-ups, which are now being offered. Leaderboard wasn’t implemented either and neither were the achievements. However, all these things are now in place and we believe this app will turn out to be a huge one over the next few weeks. Go ahead, give it a shot and Save the Mars from incoming rockets.

Save the Mars


Gears logic puzzles

This is one of those games that has been around for quite some time but it continues to garner our attention again and again. The gameplay continues to engage us even today. The game was updated on November 2 and brings with it more levels with much more complexity. The aim of the game: to make all red gear wheels spin. You have for this several ordinary gear wheels of different sizes. You can move them and connect them to each other. With their help you have to transfer the rotation from a green wheel to all other wheels.



Black Friday 2016 Ads & Deals

Back to our Black Friday, this particular app from BlackFriday.com – the Black Friday 2016 Ads & Deals – provides you with all of the circulars for your favorite stores including Target, Best Buy, Lowes, Walmart and many retailers. One great thing is that it will enable you to see the prices during the Black Friday deals ahead of time so that you can make a decision about whether to buy something now or later. Planning well ahead of Black Friday is the key to make a hefty savings on that day and this app helps you with that just about perfectly.