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Flexible lithium-ion battery opens flood gates for smartcards, wearable devices market


Panasonic’s flexible lithium-ion battery that can withstand repeated bending with a radius of 25 mm or twisting with a maximum angle of 25 degrees will be announced at Electronica 2016.

The flexibility of the battery doesn’t compromise on functionality. The batteries are extremely thin with a height of only 0.55 millimetres, which makes them ideal for use in smartcards and wearable devices. According to Panasonic, the flexible batteries will pave way for a range of wearable electronics as well as extremely thin gadgets.

“Comparable Lithium-ion batteries cannot fulfil these requirements”, said Takuyuki Okano, Chief Engineer at Panasonic. “Repeated bending of the batteries not only reduces the charge capacity and the life of the battery, but also has a severe impact on their safety.”

The new flexible rechargeable battery from Panasonic features excellent quality and is designed for safe and long-lasting operation. In stress tests it retains 99 % of the original capacity even after one thousand bends and twists.

The battery features a stacked electrode construction. A newly designed internal structure and an innovative laminated outer layer ensure that the battery does not leak or overheat during repeated bending and twisting. This rugged construction makes the battery ideal for use in smartwatches and smart clothes in direct contact with the body.

The flexible Lithium-ion battery is currently still in the development phase; serial production is scheduled to start in 2018. The three models planned so far have charge capacities between 17.5 mAh and 60 mAh with a weight of only 0.7 to 1.9 grams.


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