Home Business Vine was likely shuttered as part Twitter’s strategic cost-cutting move

Vine was likely shuttered as part Twitter’s strategic cost-cutting move


Vine has been shuttered and while Twitter didn’t really reveal why the step was taken, the obvious reasons are lack of ad revenue, increased competition and cost-cutting.

The announcement was made by the company separately from the main announcement late last month during which it revealed its intentions of cutting more than 300 jobs – 9 per cent of its total workforce – as a part of broader restructuring. The job cuts are a result of Twitter’s strategic step to keep the costs down and while the reasons behind Vine’s shuttering were not revealed, we believe it is part of this boarder decision.

In a post published jointly by Twitter and Vine to the blog platform Medium, the social media services said that the Vine website would stay live even after the mobile app is discontinued, giving users the chance to download and save any videos. Twitter hasn’t revealed when exactly it is shutting the service and continues to maintain that it will be shuttered in coming months.

Vine says in a post on Medium that they are working closely with creators to answer questions and will continue to share more and more details about the discontinuation of the service over on its blog and Twitter.

In an update on its FAQ page about the shuttering of the app, Vine says that the service won’t be shuttered right away and they are working towards enabling users to archive their creations. It also adds that it will not delete any of the Vines that are currently being stored on its servers and before taking such a step it will notify all its users and give enough time. Currently Vine is working to build an export tool to make it easier for all its users to download their Vines.

Further, Twitter will sunset the Vine app over the course of next few months and users will not be able to create new Vines. Users will be notified once such changes are implemented. Vine also said that they are looking for ways to enable users to communicate with their followers on Vine about where they can find them and their content post the shuttering of the service, but there isn’t anything concrete to announce.

While ability to create new Vines will be disabled, Twitter says that their plan is to make the Vines available for viewing on vine.co website, Twitter, and anywhere else where users have shared them over the years.