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Catch the Taurid meteor shower this month


November is a month of celestial shows and one of the shows that will present itself throughout the month is the Taurid meteor shower.

While the meteor shower will not be as awesome as the Perseid Shower that was a stunning spectacle earlier this year, it will definitely worth viewing for those who haven’t watch such showers before. One of the reasons why the Taurid meteor shower won’t be a dazzling spectacle is that the supermoon is approaching fast and this will effectively overshadow the shower.

However, the Taurids are very bright and while there will be only a few visible per hour – up to five – their brightness is what makes them popular. The Taurids are associated with Comet Encke and as it orbits the sun, it leaves a trail of comet confetti behind.

For most meteor showers there are best days on which you will be able to enjoy them at the fullest, but with Taurid meteor shower it is different. Because these showers are visible for several weeks, it is hard to pick a particular day. The best viewing time is in the early morning just before dawn from any dark location. Patience is the key and you will have to wait for quite sometime between each meteor fireball.

Moonlight will be a spoil sport as mentioned earlier and middle of November is the period when you might not get the view you expected. Best period would be now – i.e. early November till the middle of November.

The Taurid meteor shower is visible from almost every part of the Earth except for the South Pole. They will appear to be originating in the constellation Taurus. If you don’t know where Taurus is, look for the constellation Orion and then peer to the northeast to find the red star Aldebaran, the star in the bull’s eye.

One thing you need to remember is not to look directly at Taurus to find meteors. You need to look around at the nearby constellations to locate the trails. Meteors closer to the radiant have shorter trails and are more difficult to spot. If you look only at Taurus, you might miss the shooting stars with the most spectacular trails.