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Vine’s demise paves way for Hype


While hundreds of thousands of Vine users may be saddened by the service’s untimely death, there is a silver lining to it – creation of new service dubbed Hype.

Hype has a few tricks up its sleeve including ability to allow its users to add music as well as other animations to the videos they have created. Hype was introduced to the world through Product Hunt. Its creators, Kroll and Yusupov, also held a live session about Hype wherein they talked about Vine and tooks questions from their viewers.

Vine wasn’t able to sustain based on what it had to offer and while it did find quite a few takers initially, the buzz it created slowly started to die down. Twitter shuttered the service citing it as a cost cutting and strategically necessary move and this will make it interesting to see how well will Hype be able to fill the void – no matter how small it is – that was left by Vine.

Further, Hype is being marketed as a live video broadcasting app and considering there are already quite a few players in the market in this niche, we are quite curious how it copes with the competition from the already established apps and services. Hype will be in direct competition against Twitter’s Periscope and Facebook’s Live video efforts.

Facebook Facebook has recently taken many steps to provide support for its live video feature. The social networking giant announced last week the support for streaming Live Videos through devices such as Chromecast. Recent leaks have further suggested that company’s photo sharing platform Instagram will soon be getting the support for live videos.

Given that Facebook’s live videos feature already has a head-start and a much larger ecosystem than the upcoming app will have, it will definitely need more than a few tricks to survive this battle between David and Goliath.

The app is available for download via Apple App Store, but it is still in beta phase, and will also be available for Android soon.