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BlackBerry inks deal with Ford for expanded use of QNX and security software


BlackBerry has managed to strengthen ink a massive deal with Ford – a hugely positive development for the ailing the Canadian company has it continues to regain a footing as it transitions from hardware to software.

The deal with Ford is in regards to expanded use of BlackBerry’s QNX and security software under which BlackBerry will dedicate a team to work with Ford on expanding the use of BlackBerry’s QNX Neutrino Operating System, Certicom security technology, QNX hypervisor and QNX audio processing software.

The agreement between the automaker and the enterprise software giant is pivotal and comes at a time when more and more cars are being blessed with digital infotainment systems as well as state of the art security and safety systems. Industry experts dub the future of automobiles as being all about embedded intelligence and the deal will see Ford continue to strengthen its position as one of the industry leaders in connected cars.

“With the success of our SYNC 3 system globally, which is based on the BlackBerry QNX operating system, we understand the importance of the connected car experience to our customers,” said Raj Nair, Executive Vice President Product Development and Chief Technical Officer at Ford Motor Company. “Growing our expertise, experience and use of the BlackBerry QNX embedded software platforms will help ensure we deliver the high-quality, highly secure experience that our customers expect.”

The combination of BlackBerry’s expertise in security and QNX’s mission-critical operating systems and software for automotive applications, allows the company to offer the most secure, trusted and reliable platform that can power every aspect of the connected car.

BlackBerry’s QNX software powers more than 60 million vehicles, including the SYNC 3 Infotainment system in Ford’s current models.