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All cars in Canada will feature a rear-view camera from May 2018


A new proposal has been put forward by Transport Minister of Canada wherein it has been proposed that all cars in Canada sold after May 2018 should be fitted with a rear-view camera to prevent accidents.

The proposal has been dubbed by Transport Minister Marc Garneau as a Halloween treat for it aims to enhance safety of cars, pedestrians and small vehicle users on road. The system will effectively provide more visibility of behind the rear-wheels situation to drivers when they are trying to back up the car. The proposal has been put forward after instances of deaths and injuries because of ‘back-over crashes’ are said to be on the rise. Official statistics indicate that 27 people lost their lives and more than 1,500 sustained injuries because of this from 2004 to 2009.

Per the proposal put forward by the Transport Minister, the elderly, pedestrians, persons with disabilities and young children are the most at risk of accidents due to back-over crashes. Authorities have tested several back-over warning systems, but camera-based systems offered the greatest potential to provide drivers with reliable assistance in identifying people in the path of the vehicle when backing. Moreover, the cost of other back-over warning systems based on radar, infrared or ultrasound is comparable to the rear-view camera system.

Beyond the specific safety enhancement, the overall objective of the proposal is to align the Canadian and United States safety regulations, to provide Canadians with the same level of protection under the law related to back-over crashes offered to residents of the United States and to satisfy vehicle manufacturers’ call to eliminate regulatory differences between Canada and the United States.

“I’m not one for tricks, but I do like giving treats, and one of the best ones I can give this Halloween is to make rear-view cameras and displays standard equipment on all new vehicles, including base models,” said minister Garneau. “This helps children be seen and provides Canadians with one of the best safety technology systems to reduce back-over collisions.”

Canadians will have 75 days to provide comments before the changes are finalized.