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For those in front line for global warming, worst to come in next three decades


One of the worst global warming hit regions will be Western Australia over the course of next three decades, a report from the country’s Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO) has suggested.

CSIRO’s latest State of the Climate report predicts that Western Australia would witness more hot days and more extreme weather in coming decades. As of now, projections indicate that the state could have as many as 72 days hotter than 35C each year by 2090 if greenhouse gas emissions remain high. The number of days more than 40C could jump to about 20 each year, from an average of four.

CSIRO Climate Science Centre interim research director Kevin Hennessy said some effects from global warming were guaranteed over the next 30 years. Projections indicate that South West WA will likely witness further warming, reduced rainfall, increase in sea levels, severe fire weather and all these combined effectively will make life of Western Australians more difficult. Data indicates that the rainfall in the South West WA has already dropped by 19 per cent in May-July since the 1970s.

Almost 80 per cent of people in the WA Speaks survey were concerned about climate change. And despite the issue falling out of public discussion in recent months, nearly a quarter said they were “extremely concerned”. People want state government to address these issues and not relegate the issue entirely to the federal government.

According to experts, while dealing with global warming will require a complex strategy, there are a couple of basic solutions as well. First is that we will be required to adapt to some unavoidable amount of climate change and second is to stop relying on fossil fuels and reduce their consumption as much as possible thereby reducing greenhouse gas emissions, which in turn will enable us to control the warming to a certain extent.