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Kindle Paperwhite goes Manga-friendly; Amazon launches 32GB variant in Japan


Amazon has launched a Manga-friendly Kindle Paperwhite 32GB edition specifically for Japan thereby enabling its Japanese customers to fit more comics on their e-readers.

The traditional low-storage versions of Kindle Paperwhite do not have a lot of space to fit many comics and that’s what has been stopping buyers from purchase Amazon’s Kindle despite it being one of the best e-readers out there. According to Amazon Japan, you can now store as many 700 comics on the new Kindle Paperwhite Manga edition. The company even gives example that you will be able to fit all 200 volumes of Kochikame, 100 of Asari-chan, and 72 volumes of Naruto on the new 32GB paperwhite.

Beyond the storage, Amazon has also added a faster processor to deal with comics, its graphics and faster page flipping. Amazon Japan says that the new 32GB Paperwhite has 33 per cent faster page turn than before, along with “a continuous page turn functionality”. The company even goes on to claim that the new Kindle is the “best Kindle for comic lovers.”

Amazon Japan opened the pre-orders of the Kindle Paperwhite “Manga Model” sometime back and was made available for purchase from today i.e. October 21.

While there is no information about whether the high-storage variant will hit other markets, Amazon has confirmed that the faster page turn feature will be introduced to other Kindle devices, the base Kindle, Kindle Paperwhite (6th-gen or later), Kindle Voyage, and Kindle Oasis, by the end of this month.

Some of the best features of the Kindle Paperwhite include: first and foremost its stunning display, the impressive battery life and the overall responsiveness. One of the drawbacks could be no audio, but that’s not a show stopper considering that reading and audio doesn’t really go together. Check out the video introducing the Kindle Paperwhite 32GB Manga Edition below: