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WhatsApp update beefs up emojis; upsets users


A recent update to WhatsApp has changed to looks of the emojis and they haven’t struck the right chord with hundreds of thousands of users as initial reactions show up on Twitter, Facebook and other social media sites.

Twitter is one of the first platforms to get crowded with user reviews with respect to updates of this sort and from what we have seen so far, the emojis are being hated from top to bottom and left to right. I also received the update on my smartphone and the first thing I noticed was that the size of those emojis have increased. Further, they are much beefier – overweight of sorts if I can take the liberty of calling them that – and definitely not to my liking.

This led me to scour the top social media platforms to see how other users were reacting to the update and I wasn’t surprised from what I saw.

“Whatsapp emoji changed omggggg why so uglehhhhhhh”, read one of the tweets. “These new WhatsApp emoji are creepy af” read another.

“New whatsapp emoji design sucks bigtime”

“I hate new whatsapp emoji”

“I regret updating my Whatsapp…. the emoji turns out ugly like ios10”

These are just a few of the hundreds of thousands of tweets regarding the new updated WhatsApp emojis and it didn’t take me long to find those out. A simple search of WhatsApp flooded the search stream with these and similar tweets.

To my knowledge, very few WhatsApp updates have received so much of a negative reaction considering the messaging app has almost always provides updates that have been well received across the spectrum. Group chat updates, privacy and security updates, voice calling update, among others have been received with open arms.