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Apple iPhone 7’s home button may malfunction, but iOS 10 has got you covered


Apple iPhone 7 is a great piece of hardware, but not a full-proof one and chances are that its home button may end up malfunction, but to ensure that you have something to fall back on iOS 10 has got you covered and its diagnostic software will automatically turn on the onscreen Home Button for you to use.

The reports of such an ability of the iOS 10 emerged after a user on MacRumors Forums, published a photo wherein it showed a warning message displayed on an iPhone 7. It read “The Home Button May Need Service” and “In the meantime, you can use the onscreen Home Button below”.

iphoneFrom the looks of it, the iPhone 7 in this particular case unexpectedly turned itself off while charging. After a reboot, the haptic feedback began malfunctioning and soon after a dialog prompt with the warning message popped up informing the user about the home button malfunction.

“The Haptic engine kept firing 3-4 times in a row for every ‘press.’ I restarted again and it’s back to not working,” the user said. While details on how the solid state Home button failed are sparse and it would be interesting to find out actually what caused this failure, presumably, though, it’s somehow related to the Taptic Engine.

Further, another interesting thing is iOS 10’s ability to determine that something is wrong with the home button and to offer a workaround until the user pops into an Apple Store and gets the issue fixed. There have been rumours that Apple wants to ditch the Home button altogether in the next iteration of the iPhone that will be launched in 2017 and that the iPhone 7’s solid state option is a way for Apple to ease users into the change slated for next year.