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LG bets big on its new 15W quick wireless smartphone charging pad


LG has commenced mass production of its 15W quick wireless charging pad – the wireless charger it claims is the answer to the smartphone charging vows enabling users to charge their smartphones much faster than the previous generation wireless charges.

The 15W quick wireless charging pad is three times as powerful as the previously available 5W chargers and charges a smartphone’s battery to 50 per cent levels from completely depleted level in just 30 minutes. LG Innotek says this is possible because the new charging pad supplies 15W power to smartphone battery equal to wired quick charger. Users need to make sure that their smartphone supports wireless charging before they place their smartphone on the quick charging pad.

LG has assured that it has taken appropriate measures to ensure that the pad doesn’t overheat while charging and hence doesn’t damage your smartphone or the surroundings of the place where it is put. This effectively means that it reduces the chances of explosion and also reduces the risk of battery performance degradation. To do this, LG has embedded sensors in the wireless charging pad that measure the temperature of the point where the smartphone is touching and cuts off the electric supply when it reaches a certain threshold.

The pad is compatible with almost any smartphone out there that supports wireless charging and is compliant with the standards of Wireless Power Consortium (WPC), an international standardization organization for wireless charging.

LG is placing huge bets on its latest charging pads and believes that there is a huge market void to be filled. If things go as planned and if the company is able to optimise the design of the charging pad, it believes that it will be able to mould it for different application including automobiles and furniture.

LG is looking to commence sales of the 15W quick wireless charging pad in North America, Europe, and Australia in the middle of this month.