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Apple eyeing cloud services unification to compete with Amazon, Google


Apple has intentions of unifying different cloud services including iCloud, Apple Pay, Siri, Maps, Apple News and parts of iTunes and Apple Music to better its position against competitors like Amazon and Google.

Apple is currently developing and maintaining all the above mentioned services from various offices in Cupertino, California and are being developed separately from each other. Unification is the key believes Apple and as a step towards achieving that, Apple will be moving all the services into company’s existing Infinite Loop campus in Cupertino, a person familiar with the matter has revealed to Bloomberg.

All the services are being run by executive Eddy Cue and once the unification plan materialises, there will be at least three different locations where the teams will be working from post the unification process is complete. Because the teams are spread out across Cupertino, one of the major problems is slower bug resolution and development. To address this it is inevitable to bring all the teams under one roof or at least decrease the number of locations from which these teams work.

People familiar with Apple’s plans said that the company will bring the teams together at a single, dedicated campus so as to improve growth of the services business and strengthen its position against the likes of Google and Amazon, the people added.

According to plans, Apple will start moving its employees to its new futuristic headquarters in 2017 and this will free up space for cloud teams at the current headquarters. While it is understandable that everyone at Apple would want to move at the new campus, it won’t be possible and according to Cue, the old campus will prove vital in unifying the cloud by bringing in almost all teams involved with the various cloud services.

Report on Bloomberg notes that Apple has already appointed a committee of managers who are working on a plan to reorganize the company across its current and future locations. Apple originally expected up to 13,000 employees at the new campus. Apple anticipates that the number may grow and recently discussed plans to adjust internal office space if necessary, according to a person familiar with the situation.

The new campus will include bench seating, long work tables, and open cubicle spaces, potentially irking employees used to quiet office environments, two people briefed on the new campus’ plans said. Apple’s presentations to the city of Cupertino have indicated that the open floor plan designs are conducive to collaboration between teams.

So why reorganise?

Apple believes that to bolster its services business it would need to reorganise its cloud computing resources and it has already started working in that direction. People familiar with the matter have told Bloomberg that the company has already started moving software to process Siri queries and Apple Music downloads onto a single, Apple-made system – a platform that gives Apple more control and may speed up load times.

Further, services like Siri, the iTunes Store, and Apple News are being moved to the new platform and will be moving Maps to the new platform over the course of next few years. To end its reliance on Google and Amazon, the company has also developed an internal photo storage system dubbed McQueen.