Ford Bronco rumours have been cropping up for quite some time now and every time the flames were extinguished for want of evidence. However, this time it is different with reports suggesting that Ford Bronco and Ranger have definitely been planned and the confirmation comes from Bill Johnson, chairman of UAW Local 900’s bargaining unit for Ford’s plant in Wayne, Michigan, where these two vehicles will be allegedly produced.

If we look at the legacy of the Ford Bronco – one of the most versatile, robust and tough SUVs we have ever seen – that got established over the period of three decades from 1966-96, the vehicle has been one of the most revered off-roader from Ford. A direct competitor of the Jeep CJ, the Ford Bronco delivered to its fullest in all off-road challenges and endures all the punishment. The Bronco resembled the F-Series pickup vehicles and is a classic with a two door tank-like frame.

Reports have emerged that Ford is going to produce Bronco and Ranger at the Michigan assembly with a probably launch slated for sometime in 2020. Johnson’s confirmation was seemingly accidental and in response to Donald Trump’s criticism of Ford for moving the production of C-Max and Focus to Mexico.

“We hate to see the products go to Mexico, but with the Ranger and the Bronco coming to Michigan Assembly, that absolutely secures the future for our people a lot more than the Focus does,” Johnson told the Detroit Free Press.

While the Bronco could be a 2020 affair, the Ford Ranger could land a couple of years early in 2018 according to a leaked UAW contract. Ford will be shifting its small-car production to Mexico by 2018 and this will effectively leave a void in its production facility which will most likely be filled by the Ford Bronco and Ranger.

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We don’t have any official confirmation yet from Ford and these are just rumours based on leaked documents. However, considering how the previous version of the Bronco and Ranger have been, we can anticipate a new body-on-frame construction method, which would make for easy assembly. Further, chances are that the Bronco could be pegged against the Jeep Wrangler and if that’s the case, Ford has to keep the off-roader lighter and bless it with four-wheel drive capabilities. Ford could add independent front suspension and solid rear axle to both the Ranger and the Bronco.

One thing to note here is that Bronco resurrection rumours aren’t new and they have been emerging periodically since 2004. This leads us to believe that the rumours this time around could be just rumours, but if they are true, it would seem that Ford has been busy mulling over the Bronco and Ranger to bring out models that would be instant hit.

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