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iPhone 7 Lightning Headphones to Help You Pump Up the Jams


With complaints from customers having issues with iPhone 7 availability through Apple’s iPhone Upgrade Program, Apple has started informing customers that it’s adding more reservation times for in-store pickup this Friday.

T-Mobile said preorders of the iPhone 7 have been killing it with the carrier setting a single-day sales record on the first day it was available for preorder.

Customers who are interested in the new handset can book the same with just an advance payment of Rs 5000. We have also written about the reasons to update or not, and there are some obvious reasons like the iPhone bricking problem that is making users avoiding the update for now.

An AT&T executive said that pre-orders were up, although Verizon said volumes were within the expected range. Delhi-based Unicorn is also present across several states.

On the other hand, the two biggest electronic retail stores of the nation – Croma (Tata Group) and Reliance Digital (Reliance Industries) have not yet started taking pre-orders. These are not official Apple pre-registrations and are being done by the resellers themselves. If this interests you, although it does take away from the whole goal of buying cable-free earbuds, the AirPods Strap is listed as having a release date of 17 October.

I had wanted to stay up to 3am AEST to start updating, but just chose to go to bed and do it in the morning. But the internal changes inside them, particularly the camera-related changes, seem good enough to keep Apple in the lead in the high-end smartphone market.

As always, launch periods for software can be fraught with issues, despite the gajillion beta phases in the months leading up to release. On September 23, it will go on sale there. This marks the iPhone 7 launch in India.

The removal of this industry standard connector has gotten the most attention, and for the most part, it’s not been praise.

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